Wed By Jaco & Team

Non Denominational Christian Marriage (Wedding) Officiators,

Master of Ceremony, DJ,  Photographers, Videographers  etc.

Interkerklike Christelike Huweliksbevestigers,

Seremonie Meester, Klank / Musiek Joggie, Fotograwe, Videograwe  ens.

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We conduct Weddings between a Man & a Woman

of all Christians of all Denominations,

Interdenominational, Non Denominational,

Messianic Believers,

as well as Couples who belong to no specific Church

We are licensed to do weddings of South Africans and

Non South Africans anywhere in South Africa

We can conduct weddings of South Africans

anywhere in the world!!

Any place outside the borders of South Africa


Ons voltrek Heteroseksuele (Man & Vrou) Huwelik verbintenisse

van alle Christelike Denominasies, Interkerklike Christelike groepe,

Messiaanse Gelowiges, asook paartjies wat aan

geen spesifieke kerkgenootskap behoort nie.

Ons is gelisensieerd om Suid Afrikaners en enige

Nie Suid Afrikaners se Huwelike te voltrek.

Ons kan Suid Afrikaners

enige plek in die wêreld trou!!

Enige plek buite die lands grense van Suid Afrika!



Pastor / Pastoor Jaco Venter

(Teologiese Diploma en BTh / Theological Diploma and Bachelor of Theology)


Do you need a Minister — cum Councillor Too?

Look no further — how do you do?

I’m Jaco Venter at your “beck and call”

Licensed to ‘MARRY’ one and all

No matter what colour, custom or creed

No matter how big or small the need

From “Posh” to “Casual” whatever your fare

You can count on me to always be there!

Willing to travel, ‘within reason’ mind you!

Doing for you what a Minister must do!

Your wedding will be wonderfully blessed

Because ‘tying the Knot’ is what I do best!


Non-Denominational Christian Marriage Officiators

Interkerklike Christelike Huweliksbevestigers

Do you wish to have a wedding ceremony in the

venue, style and setting of your choice ?

We will work with you to create the exact ceremony that fits your theme.
Grandly Elegant or Charming Informal Wedding Ceremonies.


The style and theme is yours !!

So if you want that special ceremony come and talk to me.
We have a variety of vows that you can choose from or you can write your own.
I am an ordained Pastor and fully licensed marriage officer

with more than 25 years of experience.

Includes the registration of your marriage at Home Affairs and

the issuing of your Marriage Certificate on the day of the wedding. 

We work as a team of more than 20 Marriage Officers, Pastors and Reverends. 

If I am personally already booked on the day and time of your wedding,

one of my colleagues will be available to perform your wedding ceremony.

Gauteng, Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga,

Kwazulu Natal, Knysna, George, Aliwal North, Cape Town,

Bloemfontein, East London, Port Elizabeth,

and all over South Africa.



Begeer u ‘n huwelikseremonie op die plek, styl en tyd van u eie keuse.

Ons kan 'n spesifieke seremonie saamstel wat perfek by die tema van u keuse pas.
‘n Klein intieme troue of ‘n groot formele troue.

Die styl en tema is u keuse.!!

Kom gesels met my oor u spesiale seremonie.
Ek is ‘n geordende Pastoor en gelisensieerde huweliksbevestiger met meer as 25 jaar ervaring.

My diens sluit die registrasie van die huwelik en die uitreik van die Huwelik-Sertifikaat in.

Ons werk in 'n span van meer as 20 Huweliks Bevestigers, Pastore en Dominees . 

Indien ek reeds bespreek is op die datum en tyd, sal een van

my kollegas beskikbaar wees om julle droom troue te behartig.

Gauteng, Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga,

Kwazulu Natal, Knysna, George, Kaapstad

Bloemfontein, Oos London, Port Elizabeth,

en oral in Suid Afrika.

JOU STYL !!!   JOU PLEK !!!   JOU TYD !!!


Contact Details:

Mobile:  Jaco 083 414 5405 or Mariana 082 990 6780

International:  +27 83 414 5405

Fax Local:  086 600 3297

Fax International: +27 86 600 3297  or


  SAMRO Copyright Music Licence ST 0144453

If you need any other info or advice please feel free to contact me.

 Check your Marital  Status @



The Team are mainly based in Pretoria & Kempton Park, with members & contacts all over SA. We are more than willing to travel. 


Ons span is hoofsaaklik werksaam vanaf Pretoria en Kempton Park, met spanlede & kontakte regoor die land. Om te reis na enige plek in SA is nie 'n probleem nie.



 We do not go for the boring, and longwinded but for the short, uplifting and inspirational.  (Unless we are requested to do otherwise!)

 Many couples ask (and rightly so) “what does the marriage officer do?”

Most I know, do 6 of the under mentioned. I do all

1)   I, am responsible for informing you of the different legal contracts you can enter into at marriage and the implications of each on your Personal and business life. I believe you should make an informed choice.

2)   I make sure that everything is in line with the legal requirements as far as your marriage is concerned.

3)   I help you to plan the ceremony (at the pre marriage meeting) to suite your requirements.

 4) I am at the venue at least 30 minutes in advance to coordinate the ceremony with the musicians, the groom, best man and who ever else to make sure that we all know the procedure.

5) I lead the ceremony and see to it that the program flows fluently.

6) I do the sermon/motivational in such a way that every person present finds it stimulating, informative and memorable.

7)  I am responsible for the preparation of all the paperwork as required by law.

8)  I issue you with a marriage certificate.

9)  I personally register your marriage at the Department of Home Affairs (the law only requires me to post.)

10) I travel to and fro to your venue.

11) I patiently wait, if you are late for the appointment.

12) A lot of this happens after hours.


In total, I spend approximately 7 hours and in some cases even more time on a couple.


We are also available for Private Baby Dedications (christenings) and Funerals

Ons is ook beskikbaar vir Privaat Baba Inseënings (toewydings) en Begrafnisse.


Personally 4 you Photography


The Wedding Syndrome

– Paying more attention to the wedding than to the marriage…


The hall is booked, the flowers chosen, the color scheme is just right; the bridesmaid’s outfits are finally settled.

The best man’s speech is suitably edited,

the seating has been minutely scrutinized and finally agreed and the ring is safely stowed.

The great day, the most perfect day is set – the envy of her peers,

the admiration of her friends.


How much attention I wonder has been paid to the longer lasting issues of children and the manner of their rearing;

how conflict will be handled;

how the aspirations of each will be nurtured and supported;

personal space and the place of mothers-in-law.


Sadly, many couples fall into the trap of being in love with the ‘idea of being married’.

Consequently the wedding becomes the goal and

the lifetime together that follows is relegated to fate.

The reason the wedding went off with very little hassle –

what wedding is worthy of note unless some ‘disaster’ crops up –

is the simple fact that almost every eventuality was planned in minute detail.

Foreseeable, the reason that divorce statistics are so high is that little or no planning went into the LIFE together afterwards.


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